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Today we’ll discuss something about love. Power of love. What is love exactly? Vashikaran Specialist

How can we get it in our life? Love is having a lot of powerful friends.

It has a lot of power.

If you want to control this world. If you want to control anyone

Then you have to take the help of love. You should take help of love only.

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From power, you can win people or you can make them bow in front of you.

But you can not make them yours. You can kill someone with power

Love has the power to put in life in the dead.

You must have heard that the people who could not be controlled by anything, they are only controlled by love.

Who does not get tied to anything? They get tied to love.

Love can even control mad elephants. Nowadays it’s a generation of the internet.

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You must have seen many such videos in which there is a lady or a man

They are playing with the lion alone.

What did the lion do? It caught the waves of love coming from that person.

That love was filled so much that all the fear them towards each other got finished.

Love really is very powerful.

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See even in our family if we love someone a lot

See don’t at all understand love as emotional attachment.

Love does not mean that you have got attached to someone so much that you have become dependent on them.

How is our love? We love someone and we also doubt them

Doubt is such a glue that it destroys the whole green tree Doubt has no cure.

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So first of all where there is love, there won’t be any doubt and where there is doubt there won’t be any love.

It will be something else.

Some will be political attachments. Some will be social compromises. So love. Develop trust in love.

And bring it in your life to the most. And try giving it.

See first of all remember that love is the name of giving. No expectation from love.

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If you love some person then don’t expect to get anything from them.

You will think that you love him/her. He/she should love me back.

I should give him this. I should give him that. So they become expectations right?

That means if you are giving something you want something in return for it.

So this became business, right? How is this love then?

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In this, you are going to get a loss. For sure you will get a loss.

That is why we say that we have got many cons in the name of love.

It is happening so because you are not loving. You are doing business.

And this is such a business in which you always get loss only.

And when you will not keep expectations then you will always benefit.

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When you love someone then how will you complain to them.

When you love someone then you will always think of their good only, right?

Things were good only for them.

So love is a different vibration. How does it get created?

When you start understanding life. Without understanding what life is, living it is foolish.

Understanding means living with consciousness.

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Living with consciousness means when you will concentrate on understanding

then a different type of understanding will be created about love.

What is love? Ultimate intelligence.

There is no bigger knowledge than love.

The extreme of concentration takes you till love.

Then from that love karma is born.

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Karma is the highest journey of a person.

Then it gets filled with compassion. Then he starts loving everyone.

Misses everyone. Helps everyone.

That is compassion.

So bring the knowledge of love in your life.

With understanding and concentration.

Then start loving people without any expectations.

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Then see with how much joy the life gets filled with.

What you must be thinking? Now you have to start a business, now you have to buy an apartment.

Now you have to make a career. This and that. I Will love it later.

Will dive into joy later.

You think that if you get all this you will get filled with joy and that is why you do hard work day and night for it.

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It will never happen.

How much ever the house gets bigger, you won’t feel joy.

Love will not come.

Whatever happens. But it has nothing to do with love and joy.

Outside things have nothing to do with love and joy.

You can get love only by getting inside.

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Anyone can enjoy love only by getting it inside themselves.

So what you do? Dive into love.

Learn the highest knowledge.

“Kabir’s poem”

The person who dives into love becomes very knowledgeable.

Everything else is not knowledge. Love is the only knowledge.

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So start bringing love in your life from today.

Try loving someone without any expectations.

try loving trees, mountains, animals, rivers, younger ones, elder ones, children, old people. Do it and see at least.

Try doing this experiment for 1 week.

Just try it.

Then see how do you feel. Then for sure give me the feedback.

You will see the life-changing.

And this will happen 100%.


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