Rebound Relationship By Astrology

Rebound Relationship By Astrology Pawan Shastri Indian Astrologer

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Rebound Relationship By Astrology Pawan Shastri Indian Astrologer

and today you devious little devil, we have got the right
for you because today we’re going to be talking about how to destroy your exes
rebound relationship I know we’re getting absolutely sinister over here
but in this, we’re going to be talking about what you can do to kind of

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get that rebound relationship out of the way okay and you know we don’t really
advocate you know reverse psychology or ninja mind games or anything like that
so this might be something that it is a little bit more interesting to you than
that kind of stuff because I don’t think most people really want to think of

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Rebound Relationship By Astrology Pawan Shastri Indian Astrologer

themselves as the kind of person that’s gonna you know like into somebody’s
email and you know to break up with them pretending that they’re somebody else
like I don’t think anyone wants to do that I’m thinking I was gonna like hold
their head up high go yeah that was me I into my ex’s email, I’m proud of

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Rebound Relationship By Astrology Pawan Shastri Indian Astrologer

that like I don’t think that’s really anybody out there so uh let’s go about
how to do this the right way right you can still be devious but you can have
integrity too okay so the very first destroy your ex is a rebound relationship
are you need to be better than the old you okay now I’m not saying that you need to be

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better than your ex is rebound partner but you need to be better than the old
the version of you okay so your ex broke up with you right it happened your ex broke up with
you for some reason they left they’re not here right I don’t know why I don’t
know what happened I don’t know it didn’t happen but they broke up with you

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Rebound Relationship By Astrology Pawan Shastri Indian Astrologer

and for whatever reason that person that you in the past they broke up with
wasn’t cutting it and so if you want to
get back together with them then and if you also want to get the rebound
relationship out of the way you need to be better than that person that they
broke up with now that’s a little bit counterintuitive you’re probably

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thinking I need to be better than my ex is rebound but no you just need to be
better than the version of you that they broke up with
that was yesterday or two weeks ago or two months ago or two years ago you have
to be a better person than the person that they broke up with okay so I don’t know why they broke up with you but
whatever it is you’ve got to tighten that up okay you’ve got to tighten that

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up and get that in tip-top shape, okay and the reason why you want to be better
then the old you rather than your exes rebound is what a behavioral social
psychologist something like that named called the decoy effect so
people have a very difficult time comparing very different things right is

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an mm better than a motorcycle I don’t know they’re two different right but is

a blue mm no I did let’s say is a peanut butter mmm better than a milk chocolate
mmm or a motorcycle right and suddenly you know your mind focuses on the two
mmm because you can kind of think about that versus the motorcycle motor so it
was just weird it’s different right and so that’s kind of what’s going on the

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whole decoy effect when it comes to you being better than the old version of
yourself so what’s really happening is your X is going to be unconsciously
comparing the rebounding partner with the you that they broke up with with the you
that you are now so you got it your ex is going to conscious a sort of
unconsciously focus on you versus you they broke up with and the new

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rebound person is just going to sort of fade away into the background and
they’re just gonna be focusing on the two versions of you and if you can just
get them to choose the version of you that is the person right now and not the
a version of yous is the person they broke up with then you’re pretty much good
you’ve got the decoys I’ve taken care of you can go ahead and look up more about

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the decoy effect if you really want to know more about it but this is what
we’ve advised our clients on before it’s worth amazingly well in the past so you
can trust that that’s kind of what’s going to be working here okay the
the second thing that you need to do in order to destroy your ex’s rebound
the relationship is that you have to not become a petty and jealous person

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right so you’re going to probably have every instinct in the world out there to
sort of you know to set your lasers on vaporizing and have them locked in on your
ex’s rebound you’re going to want to say man that guy is such a jerk that woman’s
they have no idea what they’re talking about look at them they

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they don’t make any money they’re ugly they don’t take care of themselves there
are careers a mess whatever right you’re going to come up with these things but
you have to not communicate that to your ex because that’s just going to come

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across as petty and it’s going to come across as you being jealous okay now you
want to you want to keep this stuff to yourself and don’t be trying to destroy
that person don’t be trying to destroy their reputation to be trying to destroy the way you

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