Husband Wife Problems

Husband Wife Problems

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do you feel like you’re constantly fighting for your man’s time and Husband Wife Problems

attention do you wish he would put more effort into the relationship communicate

and make more plans with you if so then stay right here because in

 I’m going to tell you why you should never fight for a man’s attention

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Husband Wife Problems

and I’ll tell you exactly what to do to regain his focus and keep him thinking

about you always don’t go anywhere because we’re starting right now

 then chances are you’re in a relationship with a man who isn’t

prioritizing you or the relationship maybe you feel like you are always

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Husband Wife Problems

or calling as much or even worse he’s not making plans to spend time with you

when these things are happening it’s a scary position to be in you feel

disappointed and hurt or angry about how he has changed and worried that he might

be slipping away so you talked to him you have a conversation about it and

perhaps things get better for a bit but then he’s right back to where he was

before and of course it’s natural to want to

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Husband Wife Problems

work on improving your relationship you want to give it you are all but things just

aren’t changing and it’s all a one-sided effort and if you’re like most women

this morphs into a huge issue that you frequently argue and fight about but

despite all that you’ve tried nothing changes that’s because you should never

fight or bed for a man’s time and attention instead try these powerful

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Husband Wife Problems

tips and you will see incredible changes in his behavior

oh and one caveat before you try the following steps I’m assuming that you

have already had a conversation with him and explained how you’re feeling in

other words you have already talked about this problem but he still hasn’t

made any lasting changes so without further ado let’s just jump right into

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them number one give him a time frame if this is a relatively new problem perhaps

he just needs a little time to adjust and make the changes that you’re asking

for now, of course, you’re not going to say to him hey Mike or whatever his name

is you’re not gonna say Mike I’m giving you

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two weeks and if you don’t make these changes in the next two weeks I’m out no

I don’t want you to tell him that you’re giving him a time frame at all just keep

that time frame to yourself in most cases I think a good time frame is

somewhere in the range of two to four weeks now waiting and giving him that

time has some very important benefits first it gives you the Opera

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to implement all of these steps in other words you’re giving this process a

chance to work and it shows him that he’s worth the weight and it allows him

to develop a deeper connection with you and during this timeframe, you’re also

going to be doing number two forget about what you feel and remember

what you deserve when you’re in love with a man who isn’t making time for you

it’s a very scary position to be in you’re fearing that he’s slipping away

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and may not love you like he once did and this fear is your worst enemy why

well it makes you feel insecure it can cause you to engage in behaviors that

are less than self-serving and when you are fearful that you are losing him

you grasp onto him more strongly and often end up begging for his attention

and grasping on to the scraps and the bread crumbs that he throws your way

meanwhile, he’s living his life he’s doing his thing and he’s not concerned

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about you, he’s not worried about what you’re doing because every time he

communicates with you you are complaining of not getting enough of his

time or attention so he feels secure and because of your insecure feeling your

value in his eyes goes down and you’re becoming an afterthought so I want you

to recognize the fear and disappointment and use it to motivate you to change

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your behaviors and really implement these steps perfectly so think about

what things used to be like and then make yourself a promise that you will

accept no less than what you deserve by adopting these changes into your life

and these tips are rooted in being the best version of yourself and loving

yourself they’re all about respecting yourself and your life and they’re

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designed to help him recognize your value and to remember the person he

found in love with and yes they do work now after you have made that conscious

the shift in your thinking go on to the third step number three-stop seeking

reassurance’s normal to want to know how your significant other feels about

you however constantly asking him is not the way to go about it saying things


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