Divorce Problems Husband Wife

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multiple marriages in astrology happen Divorce Problems Husband Wife what wait happens with what combination well first of all if you’re

talking to model marriages that you’ve gotta be talking about yoga or the

combination of divorce right unless you’re in polygamy you

have to have divorce then get married to someone so the first thing we see is

the yoga for doors and one of the yoga’s for divorce there’s many of them but

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sixth house the horoscope the sixth house of the horoscope plays a strong

part in divorce and number two Jerrod Asha which is Germany astrology concept

Natasha Tatara kharka Katara Karka or Vince has to be placed in six to eight

or twelve while the yoga active and especially in Germany connect our planet

with a sixth-highest degree which becomes the planet of obstacle happy

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Divorce Problems Husband Wife

effluence in the seventh house the Turkic so that you can see that you’re

gonna get a divorce you’re gonna get married again now how these three four

five-six marriages like for example if you look at the scope of Elizabeth

Divorce Problems Husband Wife

Taylor says marriage is right all failed well the thing is you can see okay this

a person has a beautiful Venus this person has a beautiful Venus and a pretty good

seventh house to give them the love that they want the marriage that the one but

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they have yoga in their horoscope of denial of marriage no marriage so what

happens is when this person goes against the will of the universe that okay

you’re not supposed to be married but you’re getting married well I’m sorry

it’s not going to work out you must have messed up a lot of lives in a past life

for you to receive this karma to be married three times four times and never

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find satisfaction then there are people who marry for let’s say three times they

get their marriage fails and then the fourth marriage is a lifelong marriage

there are some combinations to that but you have to see especially when like

there are two or three marriages look at navamsha and specifically the nakshatra

in navamsa will clearly tell you easily within like probably three-four seconds

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you’re gonna have three marriages you’re gonna have two marriages because Burton

a function has to be examined because watch what also happens is when a person

gets married fails three marriages okay the fourth one works why is that because of

the fact in their horoscope there might be a yoga because there are thousands of

yoga’s okay thousands of yoga’s and out of that one of the yoga’s will say that

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you’re supposed to find your true mate at the age of 45, you’re supposed to find

your true mate at the age of 45 whomever you find before that there this time

pass their waste of time waste of your energy you can get married once

twice thrice six times they’re not gonna work out only once you turn 45 and this

Divorce Problems Husband Wife

a person comes in your life then you’re supposed to be married so there’s these

combinations do I know them absolutely not so don’t think I know all of these

hundreds and hundreds of combinations you know there’s these Nadi

Shastras like but the Adi guru Adi Shakti you have to understand all these

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Divorce Problems Husband Wife

things to get his act right yoga’s out here at para ahorrar Shasta

does not have all these yoga’s the I’m telling you that the true ancestry is

hidden in these Nadi Shastras and one of the best experts of Adi astrology is av Chandra

so you know you might want to knock on social media door of the syndrome he’ll be

Divorce Problems Husband Wife

the biggest teacher in your life he has been an excellent teacher for me is you

know he has been getting me valuable information for my school which is you

know thriving it’s doing very well I’m loving the teaching part I just

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Divorce Problems Husband Wife

completed my mercury-like and for the students so I mean all of

this knowledge is from  ham you know everybody that I know it’s just it

I’m just blessed you know so you gotta understand that even though that

you may not find any combinations at brat Braja huarache hasta that okay this


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