Breakup After Marriage by Pawan Shastri

Breakup After Marriage by Pawan Shastri

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Breakup After Marriage by Pawan Shastri Breaking off your arranged marriage engagement is a heartbreaking experience and your parents

are probably upset and angry. Breakup After Marriage by Pawan Shastri

You have probably decided marriages are a scam and finding a match is impossible.

Is this the end of the world? Actually, not.

Breakup After Marriage by Pawan Shastri

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When you find a match under the watchful eyes of your parents and you are forced to break

up, you must be doing three important things other than crying or getting drunk.

Before we reveal them,

First, make a list of all the booking you made for the wedding as well as for the honeymoon.

This will include a wedding hall, catering, party supplies, transport arrangements

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supplies, transport arrangements, hotel bookings, audio/visual rentals, & photographers, to name a few.

What’s really painful after the broken engagement is the pain of losing money.

So save some money.

At least you will feel better with money coming back into your pocket.

Make sure all the photos on your phone and on your social media accounts

where you proclaimed your newly engaged status goes away.

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This is very important so that you don’t alarm people who you may choose to marry in the future.

If you have hard copies of invitations or photographs, make sure you shred them or burn them.

The last thing you want is to have your friends and family randomly asking you about the wedding arrangements

when you are trying to forget the drama around the breakup.

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Breakup After Marriage by Pawan Shastri

Just make a list of people who know about your engagement and send them a brief message

to let them know that you have called off your wedding and that you need time to focus on other things

for now.

People may ask what happened and why.

You just don’t have to answer it.

Just say, the person was not right for you. That’s it.

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Breaking up after an engagement is not the end of the world.

It’s much better than going through a divorce. That’s comforting indeed!

Just be happy that you dodged a bullet and move on with your life like a boss.

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